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It’s time to put your editing on cruise control, and focus on the parts of your business that make the biggest impact.

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It's time to be the CEO of your business and your life. You can maintain creative control while making the most of your time, growing your business, investing in your clients, and just enjoying business again.

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I’m Jen. Enneagram 4, biz builder and your photography bestie.

Ever feel like these about sections are a little like a dating bio? Well if this was my "biz dating details" I imagine it would go a little something like this...

"I like slow mornings, country living, and helping photographers succeed with their biggest dreams." I'm a dreamer, INFP, cabin dweller, and I've built a business by showing up every day to help photographers make the most of their time with editing. Want to know more?


So many other editors were vague, but your process was super clear cut!

2020 was overwhelming, and it was impossible to shoot at the capacity that I was, and keep up with everything else in life! You eased every single one of my doubts with the first phone call - so many other editors were vague, but your process was super clear cut! Then I got my first gallery back, sat at my desk and SOBBED with relief.

I spend time with my family and provide a better client experience!"

I needed to let go of something in my business that someone else could do better. Now I spend time with my family and provide a better client experience! Not too mention all the other things - from building a home, a new boudoir brand, having two little girls AND training two puppies!

I needed someone who was responsive, reliable, and serious about their business!

I didn't have time for all of the "busy" things - cooking, picking up the kids, etc. I knew how much more I could get done if someone else took over the editing. I needed someone who was responsive, reliable, serious about their business - which you are! Now I have so much more time to focus on family and other aspects of my business.



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Outsource Your Photo Editing

I've created an outsourcing process that allows you to easily hand off one of the more time consuming tasks in your business AND feel confident in the creative control that you as the photographer can maintain. Allowing you to serve your clients well, run your business efficiently and live a life you can enjoy.

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