Business has picked up, but you're working at a pace that feels *unrealistic* and you know something has to give. The thing is... spending your days editing photos, should not be what keeps you from reaching that next level in business.... AND enjoying your life.

You're ready to commit to change - you just need to be guided in the right direction.

I've spent the past 6+ years, helping 50+ other photographers get off the hamster wheel of shoot, cull, edit. And I'd be more than happy to help you too. 

I see you - it's time
to work on your business, not in it.

spending *most* of your days in LR?

You just need the right
Photo Editor...
and I'm your girl.

outsourcing is always the right idea

I've been a full-time Photo Editor since 2016. Working with 12+ clients each year and delivering 150+ wedding catalogs. Through much trial and error, I've developed a system that allows me to provide high quality edits, serve my clients well, grow an online business and still chase the good life I so deeply crave. 

At the end of the day, being a KC Editing client means working with an Editor who understands the importance of life over work. It means having beautiful edits AND a dedicated cheerleader in your corner - for as long as you need.

About Jen

Ready to take that next step?

I'm guessing you're here because you feel like you have little control over what you get to accomplish in your business.

So much of your time is spent shooting, editing, and culling, and you have little energy left at the end of it all to dedicate towards things like marketing, networking, and  delivering a great client experience.

My goal is to help you get out of the whirlwind you find yourself in, and instead create a solid foundation you can grow your business on.

By outsourcing your editing, I'll help you make that shift from working in your business to working on your business. You already know that beautiful photos alone won't create a beautiful business. Consistency, efficiency, and outsourcing will.

I built a business, to support the life that I love. If you're here for that, then we'll get along just fine.

I believe a strong business needs support

- Jeannie lytle

2020 was overwhelming, and it was impossible to shoot at the capacity that I was, and keep up with everything else in life! You eased every single one of my doubts with the first phone call - so many other editors were vague, but your process was super clear cut! Then I got my first gallery back, sat at my desk and SOBBED with relief.

So many other editors were vague, but your process was super clear cut!

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Ready to take that next step in your business and outsource your editing? One on one editing services designed with you in mind. Simple, streamlined, your style - so that you can focus on the parts of business you do best.

Edit Smarter
Not Harder

Our goal is to help you

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How well do you really know the program you spend majority of your time in as a photographer? I've included all of my best tips and tricks, lessons learned, and ultimate time saving workflow in this must have LR course.

The Lightroom

edit more efficiently with

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I want to see you succeed, in every area of business, not just editing. So I've put together my top resources, tools, and recommendations so that you can build a business that does more than survives, it thrives.

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If you came to this section just for my personality credentials (you know who you are); I'm an Enneagram 4, INFP, dreamer, creative, creature of habit. I love the color green, learning something new, decluttering my house, reading a good book, or just front porch sitting & dreaming. Basically, *insert old lady/total nerd habits* here.

If I'm not at my computer, you'll more than likely find me in the kitchen of our cabin home with my hubby, or the backyard with my daughter, the chickens and the dogs. That is when we're not hunting in the woods or planting things in the garden, it's a family affair.

Editor, biz builder & coffee AFICIONADO

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jen kaiser

A strong workflow starts at the beginning.
Learn how you can build a "no fail" shooting and editing process that saves you time, creates consistency and builds the "know, like & trust" factor in your business.

how to simplify your editing workflow

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