Imagine sliding into that cozy desk chair (cup of fresh, steaming coffee in hand) and spending your precious time, focusing on the things that made you fall in the love with your business in the first place.

You know those things, the ones that actually make you money and move the needle in your business.

So that you can slide back into the role of CEO.

Private photo editing services

Updating your portfolio
Connecting with vendors
Building community
Up-selling products & services

On average, it takes 6-10 hours
to edit a typical wedding in Lightroom.
Just a quick calculation tells me..

that's a lot of hours per year.

That's exactly why I've spent the past 6+ years perfecting an editing process that simplifies one of the most time consuming tasks photographers do.

It works for me.
It's worked for 50+ other photographers.
And it can work work for you too.

My one on one editing services were designed with photographers like you in mind. The photographer who started a business to do what they love.
The photographer who wants to enjoy their passion and freedom.
The photographer who's ready to get back to spending dedicated time with family and friends.

You've worked hard to build something beautiful, now it's time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of that labor...
are you ready?

so Let's be real for a minute

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Like I said, I'm pretty laid back - and from the beginning I want to make this experience smooth and simple. After you complete the inquiry questionnaire, we'll schedule a time to chat and just get to know each other better! I'll share more about the process, you can ask all the burning questions.



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This part of the process can feel a bit daunting, but I promise it's not. Now it's time to cross the "i's and dot the t's." After sending over your signed contract, it's time to schedule your catalog dates. You can do this at your convenience with an easy to use booking page. Select each date, pay a small deposit, and you're all set!



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I work hard to ensure that outsourcing your editing is an investment worth making. First things first, I'll help you get organized. This small amount of work upfront, will go a long way in the end. At this point, I send over a few links you'll reference throughout the process. Take what you need, leave the rest. This is about you and your business!



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If you're anything like me, technology has never been my best friend. That's why I've taken all of the most FAQ's / issues my clients dealt with over the past several years, and created a library of videos and PDF's for you to access! So when the inevitable does happen... we don't have to worry about a tech hang-up getting in our way of a good time.



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Contract is signed, dates are booked, you're organized and tech ready. Time to send over the first catalog. You've waited so long for this, and now it's time to sit back and watch the magic happen. You send over a catalog with pre-edits, and receive a fully edited catalog in return. Voila *insert chef's kiss here!* Next up, review and provide feedback!



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Possibly the most crucial step in all of this.  While editing notes/style review are a great tipping off point...the biggest "learning curve" happens in those first few catalogs - and your feedback is so necessary. Because "you don't know, what you don't know" definitely applies here. So if something looks off? Tell us, we're here to learn and do better!



the outsourcing process

So many other editors were vague, but your process was super clear cut!

2020 was overwhelming, and it was impossible to shoot at the capacity that I was, and keep up with everything else in life! You eased every single one of my doubts with the first phone call - so many other editors were vague, but your process was super clear cut! Then I got my first gallery back, sat at my desk and SOBBED with relief.

I spend time with my family and provide a better client experience!"

I needed to let go of something in my business that someone else could do better. Now I spend time with my family and provide a better client experience! Not too mention all the other things - from building a home, a new boudoir brand, having two little girls AND training two puppies!

I needed someone who was responsive, reliable, and serious about their business!

I didn't have time for all of the "busy" things - cooking, picking up the kids, etc. I knew how much more I could get done if someone else took over the editing. I needed someone who was responsive, reliable, serious about their business - which you are! Now I have so much more time to focus on family and other aspects of my business.



the reviews

We frequently work with the following styles

Editing Styles

Refined co.

the archetype process




katelyn james

custom/unique styles

My goal is to always keep things simple.
My services are designed to accomodate your business as you grow.
Wedding catalogs start at $165
For more details on editing services, please contact me. 

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