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My favorite color is green, my morning can’t start without bulletproof coffee and I’ve watched Outlander a few too many times (if that’s possible…)

As a private photo editor for professional photographers, I feel fairly confident I have one of the best jobs. I get to make the most of my creative endeavors (Enneagram type 4!) through editing and this business of mine, all from the comfort of my cozy, cabin home office. But I know the feeling of photography overwhelm, and I’m so excited to help you transition from surviving into thriving. 

Because I know that you have amazing dreams, goals, and capabilities, if you could just step away from the computer a little more often. So take a look around and find the service that works best for you and your business! My goal is to meet you where you are now, and always provide options to help you grow.

the process

getting started is easy!

You’re here, because you’re ready to hand something off in in your business, and editing seems like the most obvious choice. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of a task that takes anywhere from 4-12 hours to complete? But I know that it can also feel like the most intimidating process. Images are an obviously important aspect of your business. They’re the final product, the legacy that you capture and pass on to your clients. 

I’m not here to say your concerns aren’t valid. However, I am here to help walk your through the same process I’ve walked all of my clients through over the past three years. A process that I’ve streamlined and simplified so that you can outsource with confidence and breathe a little easier.

Below, you’ll find a list of services designed to meet you where you are in your outsourcing journey and grow with you along the way. 

Once you’ve had a chance to look these over, it’s time to talk details so I can walk you through the process of getting started. 


This consult call is a just a great way to introduce ourselves, and finalize the details for you and your business. After we get the legal stuff out of the way you can dive into my step-by-step on-boarding process.

I promise, I keep it simple and hold your hand from beginning to end, because your time is valuable and so is mine! After the call, if you decide to move forward I’ll send over four things:

1. Contract & proposal to review and complete
2. Welcome email with all the important links! (Client portal, Welcome Questionnaire, and Client Education Page to make on-boarding easy!)
3. Shared Dropbox link for file sharing
4. A booking page to schedule, pay deposits, and secure your wedding dates!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff, outsourcing your editing so that you can make the most of what matters in your business and life!


the services

designed for you and your business

Basic Editing
0.37 Cents per image

Basic is designed for any photographer just getting started with outsourcing. 

All new clients start with basic editing. 

This service includes editing a catalog, based off of your uniquely created “reference edits.” Meaning, you edit approximately 10% of a catalog, prior to sending it to be completed.


Reference Editing (add on)
$1 per reference image

Reference Editing is designed for the photographer who feels confident in the outsourcing process and is ready to hand off a bit more.

Current clients who have outsourced at least 5 weddings can upgrade to reference editing.

This service includes a Lightroom Catalog with less than 25 total reference edits. The Editor will then complete approximately 10% of the catalog with Reference Edits to ensure consistency, prior to finishing all Basic Edits.

culling (add on)
$0.08 cents per image

Culling is designed for the photographer who is ready let go of the selection process.

This service includes culling all included cameras and lenses and organizing each catalog according to the timeline of the day.

Full Editing
$575 per catalog

Full Editing is a package price designed for the photographer who wants to be completely hands off with their editing, and is ready to scale and grow their business in other ways.

This service includes a completed process from beginning to end with an average of 3,000 images culled and 1,000 images edited per catalog.

Perfect for the photographer who is consistent with their catalog needs. Includes culling, reference edits and basic edits per catalog.

* Requires a 6-month commitment

The details:

All editing includes: Photographer’s unique editing style, white balance, exposure, tone, cropping, straightening and color correction

Contracts: New Clients may book any catalog option with a 3- month contract to get started. All continuing contracts will be on a 6-month basis.

Deposits: **Basic is a $150 minimum and requires a $60 deposit
**Full Editing requires a $230 deposit


a la carte

custom designed by you

the extras

Ready to outsource more than just your editing but need to custom create a service for your business?

A la carte options are available for photographers who would like to outsource additional work beyond their wedding catalogs. This is a great way to create whitespace in your day for the work you’ve always wanted to do, but can’t seem to find the time. Such as albums sales, marketing, networking, styled shoots, seasonal sales, in person sales, education, product design, collaborations, paid partnerships and more.

Dreaming big typically starts with something small. In this case, that might mean, handing off a task that helps grow your business but still overwhelms your to-do list day to day. 

Portrait Sessions:
$40 per catalog
*.37 cents per image over 100 images
Blogging: $100 per blog post
*includes summarized write up with photographer selected keywords and vendor links
Rush Fee: $150 per wedding catalog / $50 per portrait catalog
*upon availability approval

thank you

Thank you so much for considering Jen Kaiser Editing to be a part of your team! If you’re interested in working together, the next step is to set up a time to chat! Please reach back out to me directly at to schedule your consult call.


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